February 22, 2011

Laura Mercier Freebie Alert!

Freebie Alert!

Care of David Jones stores:

‘Receive your one-month supply of Laura Mercier 's award winning Tinted Moisturiser 14.7ml* when you present this voucher and experience your ultimate Flawless Face at selected David Jones stores’

I’m keen to try this having just recently used the Invisible Zinc tinted moisturiser – which I found really handy when pushed for time with makeup application but unfortunately just too greasy for my already oily skin type L You can still try it out yourself – it’s attached to the most current Women’s Weekly magazine – in the fair shade. I needed a massive dusting of face powder after application – the only way to tame the products shininess on my face!

As some may have noticed – posts on my blog have been awol for some time now (along with my twitter account).
There was a breakup, that initially derailed me a bit, but ultimately inspired to make some changes in my life.

I joined a gym early January & have been focussing on exercising along with healthy eating & trying to live a healthier lifestyle in general.
I started  trying to build up my social network – which takes a lot of time & effort! Having only moved to Melbourne 2 years ago, it was time to make this a priority.

And finally, my year of blissful wanton spending has come to an end. Beauty splurges are no-more for me (well, mostly!)

I am in the process of flat hunting to purchase. The thought of a single income mortgage is scary, but also the idea of renting indefinitely over the next decade is worse! I want my own place damnit. And with housing prices in Melbourne only rising, tis time for this beauty junkie to ignore the advertising hype & save my hard earnt cash for something more fulfilling than the cosmetic products I’ve been hoarding for the past few years.

I shall be reading all your blogs & reviews with much envy – I can assure you!

I’ll still be blogging, just going through a bit of a transitional time in my life.

Hope everyone is well & drop me a line if you too have been making some life changes since the new year began! J

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  1. Thanks for the alert! :)

    Good luck with everything. Do come back when you're good and ready. We'll be waiting :)


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