July 7, 2011

Blog Revival

Phew - what a cold winter Melbourne in particular is experiencing! I can hardly believe it's already the mid-year point, been a hectic 1st half already. Trying to play catch up on all the blogs I've to read through - a daunting but enjoyable task! Out of curiosity - which blog reader(s) do you use to keep up with all the ones you follow? So far I've only tried Google Reader out of laziness - perhaps there are better ones I'm not familiar with? Let me know if you have any other suggestions :)


  1. Missed you lovely! Welcome back :)

    I pretty much stick with Google reader but Twitter seems to be the happening place to find new blogs and to keep up with what's happening. Haven't gotten around to getting a twitter account myself, not yet :)

  2. welcome back to the blogsphere :)
    I'm a google reader as well.

  3. Welcome back! I use google reader but just realised I can't see everyone in there.


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