November 21, 2010

Makeup Brushes

Recently been taking a bit of a hiatus from online sites. Trying to focus on things in 'real life', like goals etc which means less procrastination time on the net ;)

Apparently this timeout has also extended to maintaining the cleanliness of my makeup brushes - Eek!

Check em out - some of those brushes should be showing WHITE bristles.....

Just manky - if I do say so myself. I really need to pull my finger out & give them a deep clean pronto. Then establish some sort of routine of quick spritz cleans during the week......

I just find it sooo time consuming. How often do you clean your brushes (in all honesty!) ?


  1. The ones I use all the time I wash pretty frequently - every few days. Mostly because I use different coloured eyeshadows all the time so I worry about the colours going muddy if yesterday's purple mingles in with today's green.

    The ones I use infrequently, or are always using the same coloured product, about once a fortnight. It's a tedious job, but I don't like to let them get too grotty. I get a bit squeamish about germs and dirt, lol. :-D

  2. I should be washing them more often than I am now. But I make it a point to set out a day once a month to do wash them. I have only one slant eyeliner brush, which I wash more often than others. I have too many eyeshadow brushes, which makes me all the more lazy :D

  3. Shamed myself into cleaning them FINALLY ;P
    I like to spray them with brush cleaner 1st then do the deep clean with baby shampoo & new sponge...time consuming when you let most of your brushes get filthy....think I'll try to keep on top of it from here on, might inspire me to start trying out more of the shadow colours I've accumulated :)


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