November 9, 2010

Body Moisturisers

Finally, the spring weather has arrived to Melbourne – Hurrah! About time.....with all the gloomy rain filled days it’s easy to forget that summer is almost on our Australian door step.

Now, I know most beauties would be wearing spf in some form on their face (and if not – shame on you!), but how about the rest of your body?

I’m the first one to say that I dislike the being plastered in sunscreen feeling......I swear it traps body heat & makes me sweat like a mo’fo! But I do moisturise like a fiend – twice daily (not counting hands!) and am keen for anything that makes my life easier. Enter the built in spf moisturisers.

My current favourite for the body is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula SPF 15 Body Lotion.

It is thick and a little goes a long way. It can be that bit more time consuming to rub in if you’re in a hurry. But the fact it has built in sun protection for everyday wear is a real winner for me. And it keeps my skin lovely & soft without any gross greasy feeling after application.

It does have a scent, but I’ve been using it for years now & don’t really notice. I think possibly the Australian brand smells stronger than the UK version – just something I’ve noticed. And for approx $6.50 per bottle – it’s cheap & cheerful!

So, whilst you have time before the harsh summer rays set in, go check this out as a daily body moisturiser.

And please let me know of any other body lotions that have spf built in (the higher the better – my skin freckles at the merest hint of sunshine!), I’m keen to try some others out if there are more on the market J


  1. Good review :) I can't help with body lotions as I am notoriously lazy with such things but I can say Palmer's night cream is amazing and well worth the try


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