November 30, 2010

Origins & Aveda Facial Cleansers

Spotted these in the Estee Lauder Staff Store & thought they were bargainous enough to try out!

The Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser is the pump type that foams automatically. Perfect for use with my Clarisonic Mia! I just pump the foam direct onto the brush head & it's good to go. I don't think it's great for full makeup removal, but fine as a final cleanser or to use first thing in the morning. The 50ml size could retail for around $20, so to pick it up for a fiver is fantastic.

Origins is a brand I've been keen to try, but the prices are just too steep for me to bother with.
When I spied this full size product for $10, I was like 'thank you very much I'll have that'!

At Mecca this retails at $43. Seriously. The write up for it reads:
This perfect foaming-face wash is formulated with nature’s rare Silver Tipped White Tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action of Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino Acid reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful, free radical-releasing impurities before they settle down and cause skin-aging oxidation, deterioration, dehydration and even some forms of irritation. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed and refreshed. 

It smells lovely. It doesn't foam up much though - which is a pet peeve of mine. For $10 I'm pleased with the bargain but would be pissed if I'd spent anymore on it. It seemed to remove makeup well enough - except for the eyes - which is a normal problem area for most face washes anyway. I tend to wash my face about 3 times whilst showering in the evening anyway, so it's rare for me to have any residual makeup lurking afterwards.

What's the most you've paid for a face wash - and was it worth it?


  1. Wow, you wash your face 3 times? My face shrivels thinking about it! For some reason I always prefer lotion/cream cleansers.
    The most Ive paid for a face wash was probably around $40 for a Kiehls rare earth cleanser thats sadly disconned :(

  2. Make sure you are not overstripping your natural oils if you wash your face too frequently.

    I have to say Dermalogica Special cleanser was my most exy face wash. that was $65 for 500ml. I love it to bits though so I guess I'll have to keep forking out that amount for it unless I can find it cheaper.


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