November 28, 2010

Estee Lauder Staff Store Haul!

Having received a pass to use at the Melbourne store, I finally got the chance to visit recently.
And there were bargains to be had! It was hard to walk away with only the things I did. Behold my shopping efforts

If you can get your hands on a pass to visit in the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane locations - I highly recommend it. Prices are still not as cheap as you can find on the net or in the US, but are major reductions on the RRP's charged in Australia & there's no additional shipping price or waiting time on postage :)

I also enquired about their VIP store cards & was generously allowed to join - so excited at the prospect of receiving the card in the mail next year!

For Melbourne, the shop is only open Monday - Fridays until 4pm......bit difficult to visit if you're in full time employment. However they're opening on Saturday's throughout December in the lead up to Xmas day.

I think I'll make the effort for one more visit just before Xmas to see if they have anything further on sale.....this is going to be so bad for my bank balance!

Close up pics to follow. Has anyone visited the other stores in Brisbane or Sydney?


  1. How exciting :)
    I've visited the Sydney shop this month and also got some MAC shadows, lippie , EL lip liner and lip pencil. Can't wait to go again and to get my permanent pass :)

  2. Wow, what a great haul! Can't wait to hear about the MAC blushes :)

  3. Wow I would LOVE to go to the EL staff store...I would definitely be in heaven.

  4. Ahhh I was there last Wednesday, when did you go?! lol
    When I asked about signing up to be a VIP, they told me it was closed for the year! So bummed! I did get a couple more passes though, so hopefully on my next visit :D

  5. Fab haul there... I think I may have a case of envytitis haha.... would love to hear more about them in your later posts.

  6. I love the staff shop - I am luckily able to go whenever I like through my work. When I was in our St Kilda Road office, which is only on the next block, I had to stop myself going every second or third day!

    Nice haul. Love the MAC blush.


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